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Flexiroam’s proprietary Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) enables businesses and resellers to create, assign, monitor and control alerts for all SIMs under its management. The portal is designed for corporations that require multi-level and segmented portal access.


Benefits and features

Connectivity management

Flexiroam CMP is a user-friendly and comprehensive proprietary platform to manage your accounts and connectivity.

  • SIM management
  • Data usage
  • Live location
Usage insights

Flexiroam’s insights collect a number of aggregated data, transforming it into real-time, dynamic, and interactive dashboards.

  • Live processing
  • Rich data & statistics
  • Visualised consumption
Multi-level account access

Create secondary users and manage authorizations for each member to streamline operational access and provide secure data management.

  • Restricted account creation
  • Multi-level and multi-segment data access
Custom alerts and notifications

Monitor spending by creating advanced usage rules and alerts to detect abnormal usage patterns.

  • Usage alerts
  • Data limits
Bundles and billing management

Control and enforce business and operational rules based on the supporting features of bundle creation. Our billing module runs on subscription-based hierachy allowing for granular billing control.

  • Subscription plans management
  • Consolidated invoice and billing cycle control
Seamlessly integrate with Flexiroam

API Integration

All of the Flexiroam platform’s control and management functions are available via Rest API, facilitating more customization and enabling integration into your existing environment.

Access our API documents here.


White-label solutions

Brand Flexiroam as your own

Implement corporate branding within the Connectivity Management Portal to unify employee and client experience.

White-label features:
  • Fully customizable URL
  • Branded login page
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