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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is the latest technology in SIM cards that allows the SIM module to be embedded in the mobile device. Traditional SIM cards have to be swapped out of a phone, whereas an eSIM cannot be removed.

With the introduction of eSIM, consumers no longer need to swap out SIM cards using ejector PINs, eliminating the need to physically handle SIM cards completely.


eSIMs provide an improved customer experience over traditional SIM cards. The onboarding process is simple, quick, and allows consumers to manage their connectivity digitally.


The implementation of eSIM technology is efficient and affordable. Thanks to a simple onboarding procedure, a digitalised supply chain helps cut logistics costs and overheads.


It’s an environmentally sound solution. eSIM technology reduces the amount of material waste, such as plastic cards, by which the SIM cards are held, packaging, and required storage components.

Ways to activate aconsumer eSIM

QR Code

Activate an eSIM by scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera. The option can also be accessed through the phone’s settings menu.

Manual entry

Activate an eSIM by entetring the Activation Code information within the phone’s settings.

In-app activation

Flexiroam provides in-app automated download and activation via the Flexiroam App.

Mobile Device Management

Consumers can obtain eSIMs through an organization’s MDM that securely and wirelessly pushes profiles and commands to configure a device.

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