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What SIM to use for your IoT deployment?

Global cellular connectivity provides the most stable and widely covered connectivity.

This can be integrated with devices through the use of (e)SIMs.

200+ countries
and 700+ networks

Flexiroam provides flexible IoT solutions equipped with cellular connectivity and global network coverage.

All form

IoT SIMs come in all form factors: Mini SIM (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF), Nano SIM (4FF), as well as MFF2 chips. Flexiroam offers different grades that can perform under the harshest conditions.

Control your
(e)SIMs remotely

Unlike consumer SIM cards, Flexiroam IoT SIMs enable Remote SIM Provisioning, which future-proofs IoT deployments.



Standard embedded SIMs

Soldered MFF2 SIMs provide connectivity by directly setting up the IoT device’s circuit board. This solution enables more connectivity security than traditional, removable SIMs.

Choosing eSIM means there are fewer moving parts to the IoT device, which speeds up the production process by eliminating the need to plug in a SIM card manually.

  • Single-country deployment
  • Devices with short lifecycles (<5 years)
  • Heavy-duty devices
  • Prevents the extraction of SIM cards for unintended purposes

RSP-enabled eSIMs

eUICC SIMs are exponentially more versatile and more commonly used in M2M applications, especially in an environment where on-site SIM replacements are hard to manage.

In addition, the ability to change the operator profile via RSP (remote SIM provisioning) allows more flexibility for IoT solutions, thus future-proofing the connectivity for devices.

  • Multi-national deployment
  • Devices with long lifecycles (>5 years)
  • Future-proofing connectivity

Simplify global deployment

As a global connectivity provider, Flexiroam enables global deployment covering over 200 countries and territories with a single SIM card.

Our SIMs are carrier agnostic, meaning they provide access to multiple networks without the need for numerous contracts or negotiations between providers.

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