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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Flexiroam X is an ultra-thin microchip that is attachable to your existing SIM Card. The microchip allows access to data roaming whilst travelling by connecting you to local networks. It is an easy one-time application that enables you to stay connected overseas without the hassle of switching SIMs each time you travel.
It is a mobile application designed for you to:
Manage your data by allowing you to view your balance and purchase data plans.
Provide information such as our coverage, a user guide and your connection status.
Make outgoing voice calls to any international number using a VoIP system.
And purchase a choice of preloaded starter packs
Once you have gotten your starter pack, stick on your microchip and link it to the Flexiroam X App on your mobile device. Then, switch from your home SIM to the Flexiroam X kit. Please refer to the user manual attached in your starter pack for detailed instructions or click here to watch our video tutorial.
To use Flexiroam X, you will have to apply the microchip on the top of your existing SIM card and activate it through the Flexiroam X mobile app. After that, you can easily switch to Flexiroam X network when you travel and switch back to your home network when you return.
After you've switched to Flexiroam X network, you will not be able to receive phone calls. This protects our users from being charged by their home telcos. However, users can use any applications that requires data and make calls with them.
No, the microchip only serves to switch between Flexiroam X network and the home network, allowing users to connect to Flexiroam partnered network operators.
Theoretically, it will work on inactive SIM card, but it’s not something that we would suggest our users to do. If you happen to stumble upon the issue where by it says ‘Undetected SIM’ please remove the microchip and contact our support team for a replacement.
Yes, You may call +60326318181 during office hours (GMT + 8), Alternatively you may Whatsapp +60192912692, or email support@flexiroam.com fopr 24/7 support.
Flexiroam X works with Nano SIMs, as long as they are not cut from micro or regular sizes. It will not affect your SIM as it is just a thin microchip that sticks on your SIM card.
Your Data Plan is valid for the duration stated. At any time you purchase a Data Plan that has a longer validity than your current plan, the validity will follow the Data Plan with longer validity. Data Plan validity starts from the date of purchase.

Example 1: Your current data plan is valid till 30 May 2017. If a 1GB Data Plan (90 days validity) is purchased on 25 May 2017, your new plan validity will be 23 Aug 2017.

Example 2: Your current data plan is valid till 1 Feb 2018. If a 500MB Data Plan (30 days validity) is purchased on 25 May 2017, your plan validity will remain 1 Feb 2018.
Yes, please get in touch with support@flexiroam.com to arrange for a replacement. Please do include your name, mobile number, address and the issue that you're facing.
Speed varies depending on country. 3G coverage is available in over 120 countries while 4G coverage is available in 56 of those countries. Please refer to our coverage list to find out more.
We’re afraid not. The registration and referral link promo is only redeemable one-time per referral
There will be promo codes from time to time, so do stay tuned and look out for them at our Facebook page.
First replacement is free subsequent ones are chargeable.
No, the X-Microchip does not affect your existing network or call plan in any way when not switched on. When Flexiroam X is active (switched on), you will only have access to roaming data networks via the selected roaming partners in the countries you are in at that moment. You will not be able to receive calls, SMS or access data through your home telco provider while the Flexiroam X is switched on. Just switch back to your home SIM to go back to your existing network.

The Flexiroam X is compatible with most unlocked internet enabled iOS and Android mobile devices with any SIM sizes. Please check with your local service provider if you need to unlock your device to enable network service by other telco providers.

Note that the Flexiroam X-Microchip will not work on Nano SIMs cut from micro or regular SIM and micro SIMs cut from regular SIM due to the thickness of the SIM.

Known incompatible devices:

  • Redmi Note 2
  • Mi 4i
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Sony Xperia M5
  • Sony Xperia M5 Dual
  • Sony Xperia C5
  • LG F800K
  • LG V20
  • Lenovo YB1-X90L
  • Samsung Korean Version earlier than S8 series except models ending with N eg SM-A530N, SM-N950N , SM-G950N , SM-G955N

Purchasing Flexiroam X Package Online

Kindly double check to ensure that you have keyed in the correct address for delivery. You may email to support@flexiroam.com for any assistance in checking the delivery status of your package.
Kindly contact support@flexiroam.com within 1 day for assistance to update your delivery address and re-arrange the delivery of your package.
Flexiroam Data roaming service is currently available in over 120 countries. Visit Coverage to find out the available countries. We currently ship to the countries listed (HERE)
Purchase a starter pack online on our website or in the Flexiroam X app. Shipping takes 3-7 business days for as low as 5$ USD depending on region.
Yes, you may buy Flexiroam X Starter Packs for a different user. However, you are not able to purchase data for a different account. If you wish to do so you may buy a gift card from here and send the code to the user you wish to buy data for.
The microchip is attached to your existing SIM card to allow you to switch between your existing network and Flexiroam X network. When you travel, switch to the Flexiroam X network and get connected to Flexiroam’s partner networks in the supported country. When Flexiroam X is active, you will not be able to receive calls or SMS on your existing network. Simply switch back to your home SIM to return to your existing network.
Just switch back to your home SIM to deactivate Flexiroam X and switch back to your home telco.
Please contact our support team at support@flexiroam.com to get a replacement microchip.
We currently ship to the countries listed at here . If you’re currently living outside the countries we ship to but interested in Flexiroam X, contact support@flexiroam.com.
We currently ship to the countries listed at here . If you’re currently living outside the countries we ship to but interested in Flexiroam X, contact support@flexiroam.com.

Flexiroam X App

You can download the Flexiroam X app from iOS App Store and Google Play store.
Yes, but you will not be able to enjoy low cost roaming data without the X Microchip. The Flexiroam X app will allow you to:
  • Subscribe to Flexiroam X Data Plans
  • Check your data balance
  • Recharge your data balance at an attractive rate
  • Make international calls to mobile or fixed lines
Without the Flexiroam X Microchip, you will not be able to utilize any data you have accumulated in the Flexiroam X app.
Yes, to use all the features in the app, you will need to register and create an account.
1. Go to the SIM Toolkit (the place where you do the switching between Home SIM and FlexiroamX)
2. Select Flexiroam X-kit > About > X-Notification > Choose *Off*
You can pay via credit/debit card. Available for Visa and Mastercard.
All transactions will be conducted in USD.
Data purchased will be valid according to the purchased plans. You may check the validity of your data in the Flexiroam X app.

Usage Overseas

You can expect up to 4G data speed in 4G enabled countries. Click here to see if your destination is covered.
You will be able to use Flexiroam X when you travel to any of our supported countries. Click here to see if your destination is covered.
  • You can easily purchase the Xtra Data Plan in the Flexiroam X app at an attractive rate
  • Redeem free data through events/promotional giveaways or weekly giveaways*
No, when you have Flexiroam X enabled/toggled on, it will only consume data from your Flexiroam X allowance. In order to use roaming data from your original Telco, Flexiroam X must be disabled/ toggled off.
Yes, your phone’s Wi-Fi functionality will not be affected by Flexiroam X.
No, to receive calls or SMS on your personal number, you will need to disable/toggle Flexiroam X off.
First, check if you have any applications or updates running in the background. If you believe that your data balance is incorrect, please contact us at support@flexiroam.com.


  1. Launch the app on your mobile device and select "Sign up / Login"
  2. Select one of the options (Google, Facebook, Email) to register
  3. Done!
  1. Launch the app on your mobile device and select "Sign up / Login"
  2. Select the option (Google, Facebook, Email) that you have used to register your account
  3. You are in!
Allow notifications from Flexiroam X App when installed. For Android, you need to allow the App to receive notifications on your Settings. For iOS user, go to Settings, select ‘Flexiroam X App’ and enable notifications and choose your preferences.
Did you disable update for the Flexiroam X App?
You might have to check permissions to allow the app to access the network/phone data in your settings.
Allowed Flexiroam X app to access to microphone under permissions when you installed it.

(Android)You might need to check permissions in settings to allow the app to use your Phones Microchip

(iOS) Open the settings, scroll down until you find "Flexiroam X App"

Make sure that microphone is enabled and choose your preferences

Did you drop your phone or did your phone get damaged recently, where the microphone might have been faulty?
Allow Flexiroam X App to access speakers under permissions after the X Microchip is installed.

For Android, allow permissions in Settings for the App to use your Phones Microchip

For iOS user, open Settings, select Flexiroam X App and ensure the speakers is enabled and choose your preferences

Check the expiry date for the Discount Code

Check if the Discount Code is applicable for all accounts, or it’s for specific accounts (New accounts)

Did you enter the discount code correctly?

Check T&C for the Discount Code usage.

1. Go to Settings
2. Select More Networks
3. Select Mobile Networks
4. Turn On Data Roaming and Mobile Data
5. Select Access Point Names
6. Add a "New APN"
7. For "Name:" section type in flexiroam
8. For "APN:" type in flexiroam
9. Leave the rest as it is.
10. Save the newly created APN
11. Select the newly created APN; flexiroam
1. Go to Settings
2. Tap at Cellular/Mobile
3. Turn on Data Roaming and Cellular or Mobile data,
4. Turn off EU internet
5. Tap at Cellular Data Network or Mobile Data Network
6. At "APN:" section, type in flexiroam
7. Leave the rest as it is.
8. Tap at Cellular Data Network or Mobile Data Network; left top corner of your phone
By default the Flexiroam X microchip will automatically connect to the strongest signal from the available operators; our providers. But in the event that you are not satisfy with it you may manually change it accordingly.

Full list is in the Flexiroam X App, under Coverage.

Purchasing Xtra Data Plans

Before you can see the “Get Xtra Data” option, kindly ensure
  1. You have purchased the first time Starter Plan
  2. You have scanned the Flexiroam X microchip that you received with your Starter Plan purchase
Kindly check with your bank, if online transaction is enabled for your credit/debit card.
  1. Tap on "Get Xtra Data" in the App Dashboard
  2. Select the package you wish to purchase
  3. Tap "Confirm Order"
  4. Enter your credit/debit card details
  5. Tap "Confirm and Pay"
  1. Tap on "Get Xtra Data" in the App Dashboard
  2. Select the package you wish to purchase
  3. Tap "Confirm Order"
  4. Select your credit/debit card
  5. Tap "Confirm and Pay"
At the moment you cannot purchase Xtra Data for a different account and vice versa
    In most cases, we are unable to process a transaction if:
  • Your card has expired
  • The card billing address has been changed
  • Insufficient funds in your account
  • Your bank doesn’t allow recurring charges
  • Your card is not authorized to make online transactions
You can only purchase via the Flexiroam X App with your credit/debit card.
No restrictions on the data, you can use the data for data voice calls, data messaging, emails and etc.
No, Flexiroam X data will not be throttled

How to Make Calls with Flexiroam X App

You will need to verify your mobile number in order for your number to be shown on the receivers end when you call.
  1. Tap on Call (second to last options)
  2. Tap on "Add your Caller ID"
  3. Tap on "Verify" when prompted
  4. Enter your mobile number and tap on "Continue"
  5. You will see your 6-digits code
  6. Do expect to receive a call within 1 minute
  7. During the call “Key in the 6 – digit code” when prompted by the operator
  8. Your caller ID will be verified once the process is done successfully
  1. If you have an active Data Plan, the call rate per minute is 10MB
  2. If you do not have an active Data Plan, the call rate per minute is 50MB
Not at the moment, but we are striving to bring the feature to you very soon.
No, calling Toll free numbers is not allowed with Flexiroam X app
Yes, your saved contacts will be loaded into the Flexiroam X App automatically
This is dependent on your network signal, it should take less than 10 secs with 3G/4G network
You need a minimum of 100MB to make calls (with or without membership subscription)
No, there will be no charges to your Home SIM for calls made through Flexiroam X app
No, this feature is not available in the Flexiroam X app


We currently ship to the countries listed below . If you’re currently living outside of the countries that we ship to but interested in Flexiroam X, contact support@flexiroam.com.

Afghanistan $23.70
Albania $15.20
Algeria $23.70
American Samoa $23.70
Andorra $15.20
Angola $23.70
Anguilla $23.70
Antigua And Barbuda $23.70
Argentina $23.70
Armenia $15.20
Aruba $23.70
Australia $9.90
Austria $9.00
Azerbaijan $15.20
Bahamas $23.70
Bahrain $15.20
Bangladesh $13.50
Barbados $23.70
Belarus $15.20
Belgium $13.50
Belize $23.70
Benin $23.70
Bermuda $23.70
Bhutan $8.70
Bolivia $23.70
Bonaire $23.70
Bosnia & Herzegovina $15.20
Botswana $23.70
Brazil $23.70
Brunei $7.90
Bulgaria $15.20
Burkina Faso $23.70
Burundi $23.70
Cambodia $8.70
Cameroon $23.70
Canada $9.00
Cape Verde $23.70
Cayman Islands $23.70
Central African Rep $23.70
Chad $23.70
Chile $23.70
China $8.70
Colombia $23.70
Comoros $23.70
Congo $23.70
Congo Dem Rep $13.60
Cook Islands $23.70
Costa Rica $23.70
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) $26.50
Croatia $15.20
Cuba $23.70
Curacao $23.70
Cyprus $15.20
Czech Republic $15.20
Denmark $13.50
Djibouti $23.70
Dominica $23.70
Dominican Rep $23.70
East timor $23.70
Ecuador $23.70
Egypt $23.70
El Salvador $23.70
Equatorial Guinea $23.70
Eritrea $23.70
Estonia $15.20
Ethiopia $23.70
Falkland Islands $23.70
Faroe Islands $23.70
Fiji $23.70
Finland $13.50
France $13.50
French Guiana $13.60
Gabon $23.70
Gambia $23.70
Georgia $15.20
Germany $13.50
Ghana $23.70
Gibraltar $15.20
Greece $15.20
Greenland $15.20
Grenada $23.70
Guadeloupe $23.70
Guam $23.70
Guatemala $23.70
Guernsey $15.20
Guinea $23.70
Guinea-Bissau $23.70
Guyana $23.70
Haiti $23.70
Honduras $23.70
Hong Kong $7.90
Hungary $13.50
Iceland $15.20
India $13.50
Indonesia $7.90
Iran $15.20
Iraq $23.70
Ireland $13.50
Israel $23.70
Italy $13.50
Jamaica $23.70
Japan $9.00
Jersey Island $15.20
Jordan $15.20
Kazakhstan $15.20
Kenya $23.70
Kiribati $23.70
Kosovo $15.20
Kuwait $15.20
Kyrgyzstan $15.20
Laos $8.70
Latvia $15.20
Lebanon $15.20
Lesotho $23.70
Liberia $23.70
Libya $23.70
Lithuania $15.20
Luxembourg $13.50
Macau $7.90
Macedonia $15.20
Madagascar $23.70
Malawi $23.70
Malaysia $5.00
Maldives $8.70
Mali $23.70
Malta $15.20
Marshall Islands $23.70
Martinique $23.70
Mauritania $23.70
Mauritius $23.70
Mexico $9.00
Moldova $15.20
Mongolia $8.70
Montserrat $23.70
Morocco $13.50
Mozambique $23.70
Myanmar $8.70
Namibia $23.70
Nauru $23.70
Nepal $8.70
Netherlands $13.50
New Caledonia $23.70
New Zealand $9.00
Nicaragua $23.70
Niger $23.70
Nigeria $23.70
Niue $23.70
North Korea $21.20
Northern Mariana Islands $23.70
Norway $13.50
Oman $15.20
Pakistan $15.20
Panama $23.70
Papua New Guinea $23.70
Paraguay $23.70
Peru $23.70
Philippines $7.90
Poland $15.20
Portugal $13.50
Puerto Rico $23.70
Qatar $15.20
Reunion Island $23.70
Romania $15.20
Russian Federation $15.20
Rwanda $23.70
Saint Kitts & Nevis $23.70
Samoa $23.70
Sao Tome & Principe $23.70
Saudi Arabia $15.20
Senegal $23.70
Serbia $15.20
Seychelles $23.70
Sierra Leone $23.70
Singapore $5.10
Slovakia $15.20
Slovenia $15.20
Solomon Islands $13.60
Somalia $23.70
South Africa $23.70
South Korea $7.80
Spain $13.50
Sri Lanka $8.70
St Barthelemy $23.70
St Lucia $23.70
St Maarten $23.70
St. Vincent & the Grenadines $23.70
Sudan $23.70
Suriname $23.70
Swaziland $23.70
Sweden $13.50
Switzerland $13.50
Syria $15.20
Taiwan $7.90
Tajikistan $15.20
Tanzania $23.70
Thailand $7.90
Togo $23.70
Tonga $23.70
Trinidad And Tobago $23.70
Tunisia $23.70
Turkey $15.20
Turks & Caicos Islands $23.70
Tuvalu $23.70
Uganda $23.70
Ukraine $15.20
United Arab Emirates $15.20
United Kingdom $13.50
United States $9.00
Uruguay $23.70
Uzbekistan $15.20
Vanuatu $23.70
Venezuela $23.70
Vietnam $8.70
Virgin Islands British $23.70
Virgin Islands U.S. $23.70
Yemen $15.20
Zambia $23.70
Zimbabwe $23.70

Still need help ?

For any further questions,
please email us at support@flexiroam.com