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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Devices with sensors, software and CPUs can utilize IoT technology to facilitate instant, direct and remote interactions between machines in order to eliminate the need for human-to-computer interaction.

Connectivity for all devices can be controlled within a single ecosystem, activated when a device is switched on and customized for global deployment.


Connecting all things


Connecting all things

New IoT services involving multi-country deployment or cross-border mobility offer exciting opportunities.

But with new opportunities, new challenges arise: connectivity, service continuity, cost management, security and control.

Flexiroam provides the network independent, cross-border, multi-network mobile connectivity you need to deliver international IoT services. You can focus on the IoT service while we take care of global connectivity.

Flexible. Agnostic. Connected.

  • 1. Telco-agnostic

    Leverage 700+ of our unique networks and choose the best options for your use case. Flexiroam provides a non-steered solution, so your device will determine which network to connect to.

  • 2. Future-proof

    Leverage Flexiroam's global reach and wide range of supported technologies. Access broadband networks up to 5G globally and LTE-M in 47 countries.

  • 3. Fit for purpose

    Due to regulatory differences, no solution is universal. Flexiroam solves that by partnering with countless local connectivity suppliers worldwide to ensure that each of your deployments stays connected and compliant.

  • 4. Reliable service

    Flexiroam's solutions utilise cellular networks to minimise downtime risk, allowing you to fully automate processes for worry-free, consistent productivity.

  • 5. Cost-efficient

    A single contract is all it takes! Flexiroam helps you manage and track spending thanks to transparent terms and flexible solutions.

  • 6. Secure connection

    You can ensure the safety of sensitive and private data by utilizing an APN/VPN. Our goal is to make your IoT deployment easy and your connection – secure.

SIM technology, revolutionised

A mobile network’s coverage and performance without the carrier commitment

An eSIM lets you switch mobile operators seamlessly via remote service provisioning. Supplying connectivity via an eSIM helps you remain flexible and your IoT project cost-effective at every stage of deployment.


Transforming industries across the world

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

The rising adoption of e-wallet and credit card payments has escalated the need for stable and seamless connection of an mPOS device.

With telco-agnostic capabilities and a global network of operators, mPOS devices can utilize a single Flexiroam SIM in various regions and territories without the fear of unstable connectivity.

Enhance your merchant’s customer experience with us.

Patient monitoring

With increasing global demand for remote healthcare provisioning and monitoring, healthcare devices are expected to transmit patient information frequently and consistently.

Flexiroam can provide connectivity to a range of wearable and monitoring devices with flexible charging mechanisms tailored to the business model of device manufacturers.

Fleet tracking

Telematic tracking has been widely implemented in new and upcoming vehicles.

Flexiroam can provide Connectivity for vehicles and vessels in multi-country deployment or cross-border mobility use-cases.

You’re always in control

With Flexiroam’s cloud-based Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), you’re always up to date with essential information concerning your IoT deployments.

IoT is a network of interconnected devices capable of operating fully autonomously thanks to direct data transmission and processing. While the capability for automation is considered a benefit of IoT, a certain degree of monitoring and control is advised. Flexiroam’s Connectivity Management Platform allows you to manually control and monitor your IoT deployment’s connectivity through a secure interface that you can access from a web browser.

Gain instant access to:

Data usage
and allocation









Flexiroam has you covered


200+ countries

International coverage to keep you worry-free


Supported technology

2G-5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M accessible in 47 countries


700+ networks

Accessible worldwide with multi-network coverage


High compatibility

Connect any SIM and eSIM-enabled device

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Plug and Play


Flexiroam’s Plug and Play IoT Solution is designed to make low consumption IoT deployment faster, easier and simpler.

Get 500MB of data lasting up to 5 years for US$15/SIM, with available connectivity in over 150 countries.

Choose Flexiroam’s IoT Plug and Play to significantly reduce time to market through effective API integration capabilities and the support of our dedicated Customer Success Team.

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