Connectivity can be cumbersome, patchy, and complex. But it is also a necessity. We’re here to transform the experience into one that is seamless with coverage, convenience, and control.

Think of us as a superconnector for people and machines, working to maximise the capabilities eSIMs have to offer, usher in transformative implementations of IoT, and connect businesses to more reliable payment solutions anywhere, at any time. We bring to life a world where technology makes our drive to create a better world a possibility.

CoRE (Connectivity Revolution Engine)

This world-class tech engine is at the core of how we make seamless and telco-agnostic connectivity, to any IoT vertical globally, possible.

Robust Infrastructure

This infrastructure gives us the ability to scale rapidly at unprecedented levels of connection availability. A nifty trick that will come in handy with some 30 billion IoT-enabled devices that require connectivity by 2025.

Embedded Connectivity

All it takes is a few lines of code to connect various devices on every IoT vertical, allowing us to deploy the technology quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Network Capability

Whether on 3G, 4G, or 5G, our technology allows us to reach various types of devices on varying levels of IoT connectivity to provide effective global coverage.

Industry Agnostic Billing

Our highly customisable subscription plans ensure various IoT business models can get services that suit their needs to a T.

Our Business Principles

We operate to create infinite possibilities, now and in the future

Innovating for a Global Market

Our customers don’t just stay in one place. Neither do we. The world is our playing field to discover business opportunities that have the potential to scale globally, quickly and efficiently.

Asset-Light Business Model

We don’t believe in the need to spend millions in capital expenditure to make something great happen. The ability to leverage intangible assets such as customer acquisition, data, and intellectual property has allowed us to take our business so much further than we ever thought possible.

Strategising for Recurring Income

We work for the long run by finding opportunities with a daily or recurring need. Our ability to add value to the customer’s journey by optimising long-term experiences is what sets us apart from the rest.

Scalability for the Digital Age

Businesses are turning to digitalisation in order to keep up with consumer demands. Flexiroam’s innate digital supply chain makes automation an accessible option, offering business owners more control and transparency even as operations scale dramatically.