IoT technology can turn any physical objects into Internet-enabled devices that are equipped with sensors, software and connectivity. Leverage on network connections, it enables to facilitate communication between devices and systems; helping companies with smart devices and operations in many new ways to enhance their businesses.

With Flexiroam IoT Solutions, our aim is to make your IoT implementation easy.

Global connectivity

Access to over 151 countries globally and multiple networks locally accelerates the deployment of IoT devices, our SIM cards automatically detect the strongest signal available.

Self-served connectivity management

Our solutions portal allows you to control and manage all your SIM and data plans management.

IoT Secured Solutions

Secure your valuable IoT data with a APN/VPN to keep your IoT system safe.

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Flexiroam IoT: Plug and Play contains 10 years of connectivity services for a one-time payment only with no hidden costs. Flexiroam IoT: Plug and Play features include:

Transform Your Business, Leverage The IoT

Flexiroam offers specialized IoT connectivity solutions to various industry sectors. Our Plug and Play plan supports all your low consumption use cases; for 500MB data volume which spans up to 10 years, or 100MB for 5 years whichever that consume first. Below refers an overview of some most common use cases:

Fleet Telematics

IoT-driven fleet telematics transforms your fleet management and business operation with better visibility on your vehicle performance, improving your manageability on usage and maintenance needs

Asset Tracking and Logistic

IoT connectivity allows you to manage your assets remotely from tracking shipments to optimizing delivery and shipping routes, thus reducing business risks and enhancing business operations.

Smart Metering

Building an end-to-end IoT smart metering solutions can help improve your service delivery from reducing the impact of costly electricity outages to consumption more sustainably.

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IoT Coverage

Global coverage over 151 connected countries

With multiple telecommunication partners in each country, our technology ensures that you’re always connected to the best network no matter where your business takes you. Click on the map below to find out the list of all our supported countries and networks from our coverage list.

Please note that there are permanent roaming restrictions on certain countries (eg: Brazil, India, Turkey).
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Need More Data? Buy a Top Up.

Flexiroam IoT: Plug and Play comes with 500MB data volume which usually sufficient for most of IoT use cases. In the event that your use case requires additional data volume, Flexiroam offers top up options to ensure your IoT devices stays connected at all time. You can choose to perform the top up yourself, or you may also set up automatic top up based on your preference in our client portal.

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