Start your journey with FlexiRoam

Become a part of our global connectivity company

Start your journey with FlexiRoam

Become a part of our global connectivity company

How does our Partner Program work?

With our Partners, FlexiRoam’s Solutions are transforming industries worldwide as our services integrate with customers’ digital experience. By shifting the understanding of what data connectivity can do whilst traveling and providing measurable value to Partners and their Consumers alike, strong relationships are built.


Our Partner Program is aimed at four core groups: Distribution Partners, White Label Partners, Wholesale API Partners, and Affiliates. The first can sell any of our branded products and the second a white-label version of these services to leverage your own brand. If you wish to build your own end to end eSIM business, then our low-touch API based wholesale model is for you. The Affiliate Partner promotes our Travel Roaming sims and earns a commission from both referred & direct sales leave us to worry about everything else.

Partnership Offers

Find out which type of partnership is right for you!

Distribution Partners

Sell & package our SIM solutions

All FlexiRoam branded Retail products available.

Competitive market offer in price & features

Partner portal available to track your results

 Option for both Physical SIM and eSIM engagement.

Straightforward commission on all sales

White Label Partners

Build your own branded connectivity services:

Enhance your brand through your own marketing investment.

Create your own data travel bundles.

Partner portal to allow you to manage your business.

Generic brand payment & Customer Support options.

White Label Web APP for customer engagement and website.

Wholesale API Partners

Connect via our API’s and access our worldwide eSIM connectivity:

Simple range of API’s offering full-service creation & control.

Fully functional Partner Portal to manage our relationship.

Pay as you go or Plan-based pricing.

Both Multi-Currency & Language services available.

Generic web APP, Website, Billing & Customer Support.


Become a Channel Partner

Sell FlexiRoam Branded Services:

As a FlexiRoam Distribution Partner, you will gain access to our eSIM connectivity solutions covering over 200 countries, regions & territories. With pricing & features that are appealing to travellers across the globe.

FlexiRoam’s services are widely used by travellers in numerous industry use cases – ranging from airline, marine, transport, financial services, insurance and tourism.

Industry leading Travel Services based on value and features.

We focus on service creation & delivery and you on selling.

Healthy commissions paid monthly.

Partner Portal makes managing your business straightforward.


Sell your own Brand!

As a White Label Partner, your company can package and supplement your existing product and service offerings with global roaming Sim connectivity for travellers.

Leverage FlexiRoam’s decade long experience to accelerate your launch. We’ll help you integrate, set up and operate through our suite of API’s and our dedicated connectivity management portal.

 Seek out new opportunities; choose FlexiRoam as an experienced Partner with a proven track record of working with industry leaders.

Gain access to our Partner Portal.

Matured API’s available to allow full integration with your digital workflow.

Capitalise on your own geographic, industry or product position.

Gain access to industry leading innovative features & commercial terms.

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What else can we do?

eSIM Solutions

With eSIM you no longer need a new physical SIM card, or expensive home carrier data plan when you travel.

IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Global deployment powered by connectivity that you can activate and control within a single ecosystem.

Enterprise Roaming Solutions

Secure, connected and data connectivity managed through a single channel. 

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