We know our way around global networks. And we know how to keep people connected 24/7. So it makes sense that businesses trust us to keep their platforms and devices connected at all times, with even greater control. That’s just experience talking.

IoT enablement at affordable prices. Now this is the future.


Seamless Connectivity

Access to over 580 networks globally and multiple networks locally accelerates the deployment of IoT devices, paving the way for seamelss scalability. And if you ever need a hand, we’re always available with 24/7 international chat support.

Grow Your Way

Whatever you imagine your business can do, we can help to make it happen. Manage and secure the technology your business relies on easily with features like Cell ID logs and Geofencing alerts. Scale up your business, be it on a local level or global scale.

Ultimate Control

Our network spans over 180 countries to keep your business connected. Reach out to us to learn how we can serve your coverage needs.

Tap Into Flexiroam’s Worldwide Network Now

One-Stop Connectivity Solutions Made Seamless

eSIM: A Business Revolution

Without a physical SIM, there’s no need to install or replace millions of SIM cards on connected devices to get started. It’s as easy as flicking a switch.

Control Wherever the Devices Go

Manage your devices remotely, whether they are used in bustling cities or remote locations.

Reliable Connectivity

With multiple partners in each country, you can easily switch networks in order to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

Better Business Sense

Manage costs efficiently without a physical SIM that needs to be installed, replaced, or managed in person.

Get the Flexiroam Experience

Try us out! See how we do and what we do with no strings attached.

• 5 IoT SIMs
• 50MB data per SIM (pool model)
• Up to 90 days trial period
• Global coverage
• Pilot dashboard monitoring