Flexiroam X is a seamless, ultra-thin microchip that is only 0.08mm. You can stick it onto your existing SIM with which you can roam globally in more than 50 countries at a flat rate!

All you have to do is to switch between Home SIM and Flexiroam X without changing your SIM card. You can also conveniently check your data balance instantly via Flexiroam X App.

REDEEM X Microchip + 1GB

5 Problems South Africans Face when they travel

Hassle of buying a SIM card for a short trip

Expensive Roaming Charges from your telco

Burdened with Multiple SIM cards and phones

No time for complicated SIM card registrations at your destination

Need to keep in contact with Family and Friends

REDEEM X Microchip + 1GB

Perfect for South African travellers

  • Hassle Free To Roam For Life Once you stick, stay connected online while you are traveling
  • Free 1GB Global Data Enjoy uncapped 4G data roaming for your business.
  • More Than 50 Countries Roam with Flexiroam X across 7 continents
  • User-Friendly App Forget about changing your SIM card or roaming charges. Switch to Flexiroam X in just one app!
REDEEM X Microchip + 1GB

Dr. Mario Hardy

CEO | Pacific Asia Travel Association

"I've been using Flexiroam for a few months now and in several countries around the world. This is the best roaming product I've ever used. Works every time without a glitch and it simplified my travel experience enormously!"

Cheryl Yeoh

Entrepreneur | Former Founding CEO of MaGIC

"I've been using Flexiroam X for my entire month-long trip in Europe, across 5 countries and the service has been seamlessly impressive. I'll never go back to not using this when I travel. It's just so easy, affordable, and saved me hours trying to get a new SIM in each new city."

REDEEM X Microchip + 1GB


XCITE STARTER PACK with a data roaming microchip preloaded with 1GB data plan valid for 30 days in 53 Countries.
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