Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Support eSIM?

Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Support eSIM?


The world of smartphones is a rapidly evolving one, and Samsung has always been at the forefront of this technological journey. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, they’ve struck a remarkable balance between affordability and high-quality features. This particular model has garnered praise as a fantastic alternative to Samsung’s flagship phones. However, for some users, certain niche features take center stage. This is especially true for international travelers who rely on dual-SIM or eSIM functionality.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE have eSIM?

The quick answer is yes, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE supports eSIM. But it’s important to note that different versions of the Galaxy S23 FE are available. In some regions, you’ll find a version with two nano-SIM card slots, in addition to the eSIM. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the setup that best suits your connectivity needs.

How to Activate eSIM on the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Setting up an eSIM can be a bit daunting for some, but it’s a fairly straightforward process. The method may vary depending on whether you purchased your device from a carrier or as an unlocked device.


If you obtained your Galaxy S23 FE through a carrier, there’s a good chance that the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of your device is already registered, and the appropriate eSIM profile may already be preloaded onto your smartphone.


However, if you purchased the phone unlocked, you might need to put in a bit more effort. Some carriers may require you to contact their customer service to activate the eSIM functionality. They will gather your device information and remotely push the eSIM profile to your smartphone. A quick call or a visit to a carrier store will guide you through the process.


In cases where carriers are more eSIM-friendly, they’ll provide you with a QR code. This QR code simplifies the activation of an eSIM profile on your Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. All it takes is a few taps. Fortunately, with FlexiRoam the activation process is just that straightforward.

Here's how you can activate a FlexiRoam eSIM profile on your Samsung Galaxy S23 FE:

Download the FlexiRoam X app from the Google Play store or purchase a plan directly from our webstore. Once done, you will need to create an account in the FlexiRoam X App. 

The next steps are:

  • Create a FlexiRoam account
  • Install an eSIM on your device
  • Activate a plan

FlexiRoam will provide you with an eSIM. Depending on your purchase method:

FlexiRoamX App

eSIM will be automatically linked to your FlexiRoam account. You can access your eSIM via FlexiRoamX App > Account > Manage my SIM(s).

FlexiRoam Webstore

eSIM Code will be emailed to you. To link eSIM with your FlexiRoam account apply it via FlexiRoamX App > Account > Enter a Code. After the code is applied, there will be another email that will guide you to install your eSIM.

Be sure to check our FAQ section for more information on how to install an eSIM on any Android device successfully.

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