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Mission-critical connectivity

With the transition toward digital flight books, pilots rely on mobile connectivity to download and transmit all relevant information necessary to operate the plane.
Flexiroam provides reliable connectivity that is always available on a global scale.

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High bandwidth data usage

As telematics and high-speed internet become indispensable, Flexiroam provides vehicles and vessels traveling across multiple countries with stable, high bandwidth connectivity with a single setup.

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Connecting your people

With the increasing demand to stay connected when traveling, enterprises struggle to manage connectivity on a global level. Flexiroam offers the control and flexibility to help you effectively manage business travelers without compromising productivity and security while keeping costs in check.

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Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

The rising adoption of e-wallet and credit card payments has escalated the need for stable and seamless connection of an mPOS device.

With telco-agnostic capabilities and a global network of operators, mPOS devices can utilize a single Flexiroam SIM in various regions and territories without the fear of unstable connectivity.

Enhance your merchant’s customer experience with us.

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Patient monitoring

With increasing global demand for remote healthcare provisioning and monitoring, healthcare devices are expected to transmit patient information frequently and consistently.

Flexiroam can provide connectivity to a range of wearable and monitoring devices with flexible charging mechanisms tailored to the business model of device manufacturers.

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Fleet tracking

Telematic tracking has been widely implemented in new and upcoming vehicles.

Flexiroam can provide Connectivity for vehicles and vessels in multi-country deployment or cross-border mobility use-cases.

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About Us

Founded in 2011, Flexiroam Limited (ASX: FRX) started with a mission to push the boundaries of the communications industry. What began as a connectivity solution for travelers is setting new standards in IoT and consumer communication worldwide.

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