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Board of Directors

In their experienced hands, the possibilities that lie ahead are limitless.

Marc Barnett

Marc Barnett

CEO & Executive Director

Prior to joining Flexiroam, Marc was the Chief Executive Officer of video-on-demand service iflix, until its acquisition by Tencent in 2020. Marc accelerated iflix's growth to deliver 50 million app downloads, rapidly expanding the business to 32 markets spanning Asia, the Middle East & Africa. Marc has also held senior leadership roles at Microsoft, Mi9 and ninemsn and was was named the Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine ‘Young Executive of the Year’ in 2014.

Tat Seng, Koh

Tat Seng, Koh

Non-Executive Director

With extensive experience in investment banking and corporate finance, Mr. Koh has successfully listed many companies on stock exchanges and raised funds in the debt and equity market. Since obtaining his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Malaya, he has held prominent positions in MayAir Group PLC, PureCircle Ltd, Avenue Securities Sdn Bhd, CIMB Investment Bank Berhad, and Coopers & Lybrand (now known as PWC).

Jef Ong

Jef Ong

CIO & Executive Director

Jef Ong is the founder and managing director of Flexiroam. During his 15 years in the telecommunications industry, Jef successfully co-founded three different technology-based companies. Through his leadership, Flexiroam has had its IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange since 2015. It was also through his careful leadership that Flexiroam netted numerous awards and recognitions, including the World Travel Award and ASEAN Outstanding Business Award.

David Ong

David Ong

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ong is the founder and president of Reapfield Group, which he started in 1984. Today, Reapfield Properties is one of the leading real estate agencies in Malaysia and has been an anchoring brand name in the industry with a network of more than 600 real estate agents across Malaysia.

Corporate Governance

Find out more about what anchors our work.

Corporate Governance Plan
The policies and practices that guide our framework.
Audit and Risk Committee Charter
Guidelines that govern our audit committee.
Board Charter
Roles, responsibilities, and authorities of the board of directors.
Board Performance Evaluation Policy
Guidelines for our annual performance evaluation.
Code of Conduct
The guiding principles for the spirit of Flexiroam.
Continuous Disclosure and Market Communications Policy
An outline of our disclosure obligations.
Diversity Policy
We are committed to removing barriers and promoting inclusivity.
Shareholder Communication Policy
How we keep our shareholders informed.
Whistleblower Policy
Our guidelines to have an accountable & transparent workplace.
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
The framework that assists the board in fulfilling its role.
Securities Trading Policy
Our continuous commitment to ethical trading.
Anti-Bribery & Anti Corruption Policy
We uphold the highest standards of professional integrity and ethical conduct.
Risk Management Policy
Practical guidance to identify and respond to risks in a way that minimizes impact.

ASX Announcements

See how we’re doing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

30/11/2021          Flexiroam White Label eSIM Agreement signed with BP Mobile

16/11/2021           Flexiroam Launches White-Label mPOS Solution

09/11/2021          Change in substantial holding

03/11/2021          Investor Webinar Presentation Slides

27/10/2021          Application for Quotation of Securities

27/10/2021          Issue of Equity Securities

26/10/2021         Investor Webinar

22/10/2021         Flexiroam raises $1.5m to accelerate growth initiatives

22/10/2021         Proposed issue of securities – FRX

21/10/2021          Trading Halt

13/10/2021          Revised Securities Trading Policy

06/10/2021         Change of Director’s Interest

06/09/2021         Application for Quotation of Securities

06/09/2021         Issue of Shares and Cleansing Statement

03/09/2021         Company Presentation – Emerging Tech Webinar

31/08/2021          Change of Director’s Interest Notice

24/08/2021         Change of Director’s Interest Notice

23/08/2021         Notification regarding unquoted securities – FRX

23/08/2021         Flexiroam Expands Leadership Team to Drive Growth

21/07/2021          Notice of Annual General Meeting

14/07/2021          Quarterly Business Update Webinar Presentation Slides

08/07/2021         Flexiroam to host ‘Meet the CEO’ shareholder session

07/07/2021         Resignation of Non-Executive Director

05/07/2021         Flexiroam appoints Chief Revenue Officer

01/07/2021         Notification regarding unquoted securities – FRX

01/07/2021         Issue of Equity Securities

09/06/2021        Flexiroam signs MPOS connectivity agreement with GHL

17/05/2021         Foundations in place to underpin growth for Flexiroam

13/05/2021         Change of Principal Place of Business

28/04/2021        Flexiroam leadership changes to underpin further growth

25/03/2021         Flexiroam-to-present-at-ConsumerOpps-Virtual-Conference

31/03/2021          Company-Presentation-ConsumerOpps-Virtual-Conference


04/03/2021         Flexiroam-partners-with-Split-Addendum

03/03/2021         Flexiroam-partners-with-Split-to-offer-BNPL-to-users

29/01/2021          Quarterly-Business-Update-Webinar-Presentation-Slides

29/01/2021          Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-December-2020

29/01/2021          Revised-Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-December-2020

25/01/2021          Quarterly-Business-Update-Webinar

22/01/2021          Flexiroam-launches-eSIM-support-for-iPhone-globally

21/12/2020          Flexiroam-extends-its-partnership-agreement-with-Mastercard

15/12/2020          Issue-of-Employee-Shares-and-Cleansing-Statement

25/11/2020          Half-Yearly-Report-and-Accounts

18/11/2020           Appendix-2A-and-Cleansing-Statement

12/11/2020           Proposed-issue-of-Securities-FRX

12/11/2020           Flexiroam-completes-2-million-placement

11/11/2020            Trading-Halt

06/11/2020         Change-of-Director_s-Interest-Notice-x-4

04/11/2020         Appendix-2A-and-Cleansing-Statement

02/11/2020         Appointment-of-Executive-Director

30/10/2020         Amended-Constitution

30/10/2020         Results-of-Meeting

26/10/2020         Notification-of-Change-of-Auditor

26/10/2020         Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-September-2020

25/09/2020        Annual-General-Meeting

25/09/2020        Notice-of-Annual-General-Meeting-Or-Proxy-Form

28/08/2020       Deferral-of-Annual-General-Meeting

21/08/2020        Becoming-a-substantial-holder

21/08/2020        Change-in-substantial-holding-x-2

20/08/2020        Pause-in-trading

20/08/2020        Response-to-ASX-Price-and-Volume-Query

20/08/2020        Trading-Halt

19/08/2020        Change-in-substantial-holding

17/08/2020        Change-of-Director_s-Interest-Notice-x-2

14/08/2020        Completion-of-Rights-Issue

11/08/2020         Results-of-Non-Renounceable-Rights-Issue

23/07/2020        Despatch-of-Rights-Issue-Prospectus

14/07/2020         Letter-to-Ineligible-Shareholders-Rights-Issue

14/07/2020          Non-Renounceable-Rights-Issue-to-raise-up-to-1.02-million

14/07/2020         Proposed-issue-of-Securities-FRX

14/07/2020         Prospectus

06/07/2020        2020-Annual-Report

06/07/2020        Adjustment-to-Year-End-Financial-Statements

06/07/2020       Appendix-4G-and-2020-Corporate-Governance-Statement

30/06/2020       Extension-of-Reporting-Deadline-for-2020-Annual-Report

11/06/2020         Flexiroam-announces-rewards-partnership-with-Mastercard

29/05/2020        Preliminary-Final-Report

14/05/2020         Update-on-Coronavirus-Response-Plan

30/04/2020        Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-March-2020

17/04/2020        Change-of-Registered-Office-Address

22/02/2020        Flexiroam-appoints-Marc-Barnett-as-Non-Executive-Director

05/02/2020        Response-to-ASX-Price-and-Volume-Query

31/01/2020          Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-June-2020












28/11/2019            Half-Yearly-Report-and-Accounts

01/11/2019            Change-of-Director_s-Interest-Notice-x-3

31/10/2019            Completion-of-Entitlement-Issue

31/10/2019            Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-September-2019

29/10/2019            Entitlement-Issue-Closes-Substantially-Oversubscribed

17/10/2019             Supplementary-Prospectus

16/10/2019            Update-on-Entitlement-Issue

10/10/2019            Company_s-Listing-on-ASX

10/10/2019            Dispatch-of-Entitlement-Issue-Offer-Documents

04/10/2019           Investor-Presentation-October-2019

04/10/2019           Rights-Commence-Trading

02/10/2019            Appendix-3B

02/10/2019            Letters-to-Securityholders-Rights-Issue

02/10/2019            Prospectus

02/10/2019            Renounceable-Rights-Issue

01/10/2019            Appointment-of-Director

01/10/2019            Final-Director_s-Interest-Notice

01/10/2019            Initial-Director_s-Interest-Notice

19/09/2019            Resignation-of-Director

20/08/2019           Change-of-Director_s-Interest-Notice

13/08/2019            Response-to-ASX-Appendix-4C-Query

09/08/2019           CEO-Letter-to-Shareholders

07/08/2019           Results-of-Meeting

31/07/2019            Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-June-2019

05/07/2019           Notice-of-Annual-General-Meeting-Or-Proxy-Form

28/06/2019           2019-Annual-Report

28/06/2019            Appendix-4G-and-Corporate-Governance-Statement

14/06/2019            Proposed-Removal-from-Official-List-of-ASX

13/06/2019             Trading-Halt

30/05/2019           Preliminary-Final-Report

13/05/2019            Appointment-of-Director

13/05/2019            Initial-Director_s-Interest-Notice

06/05/2019           Becoming-a-substantial-holder

06/05/2019           Change-in-substantial-holding

06/05/2019            Share-Placement-and-Issued-Capital

03/05/2019           Appendix-3B

03/05/2019            Share-Placement-to-Continue-Growth-Initiatives

29/04/2019           Appendix-4C-March-2019

29/04/2019           Quarterly-Activities-Report-March-2019

30/03/2019           Coronavirus-Impact-and-Forward-Planning

14/02/2019            Change-of-Company-Secretary

31/01/2019             Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C-December-2019












11/12/2018             Flexiroam Secures Partnership with Malaysia Airlines

19/10/2018           Change of Auditor 

18/09/2018           Director Resignation and Final Directors Interest Notice

03/09/2018          Board Changes 

03/09/2018          Final Director’s Interest Notices x

03/09/2018          Initial Director’s Interest Notice

30/08/2018          Results of 2018 Annual General Meeting

28/08/2018          Becoming a substantial holder

24/08/2018          Change in substantial holding x 2

22/08/2018          Cleansing Notice

22/08/2018          Completion of Share Placement

30/07/2018          Notice of Annual General Meeting Or Proxy Form

27/06/2018          Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement 

12/06/2018           Expiry of Unlisted Options

08/06/2018          Investor Presentation – June 2018

05/06/2018          Updated Securities Trading Policy

25/05/2018          Flexiroam Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Bolivia

23/05/2018          Flexiroam Enters the China Market

30/04/2018          Flexiroam Investor Update April 2018

27/04/2018          Flexiroam Appoints Exclusive Distributor in Brazil















Financial Result

The results from the past few years speak for themselves.

September 2021        Half Yearly Report and Accounts

September 2021        Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

June 2021                   Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

FY 2021                       2021-Annual-Report-and-Appendix-4E

FY 2021                       Half-Year-Reports-and-Accounts

March 2021                Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

December 2020        Revised-Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

December 2020        Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

September 2020       Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

June 2020                  Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C



FY 2020                     Annual-Report

FY 2020                     Half-Year-Reports-and-Accounts

July 2020                  Adjustments-to-Year-End-Financial-Statements

March 2020              Preliminary-Final-Report-for-the-Year-Ended

December 2019        Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

September 2019       Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

August 2019              Response-to-ASX-Appendix-4C-Query

June 2019                  Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

March 2019               Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C



FY 2019                       Annual-Report

FY 2019                       Half-Year-Reports-and-Accounts

March 2019                Appendix-4C

March 2019                Preliminary-Final-Report-for-the-Year-Ended

March 2019                Quarterly-Update

December 2018         Appendix-4C

December 2018         Quarterly-Update

September 2018        Quarterly-Update

September 2018        Appendix-4C

September 2018        Half-Year-Business-Update-Presentation-Slides

June 2018                   Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

FY 2018                   Annual-Report

FY 2018                   Business-Update-Presentation-Slides

FY 2018                   Half-Year-Reports-and-Accounts

June 2018               Adjustments-to-Year-End-Financial-Statements

March 2018            Preliminary-Final-Report-for-the-Year-Ended

March 2018            Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

March 2018            Response-to-ASX-Appendix-4C-Query

December 2017     Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

September 2017    Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C

June 2017               Quarterly-Update-and-Appendix-4C




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