Apple’s 10th Generation iPad Now Comes with eSIM Support

Apple’s 10th Generation iPad Now Comes with eSIM Support

Apple has finally upgraded its 10th-generation iPad to support eSIM technology. With the new model carrying the A3162 model number, it comes as a welcome development to audiences in China, where it was first announced. The updated version of the tablet may look the same, but the support for eSIM brings an exciting new feature to those who want to enjoy cellular data without any physical SIM cards.

You might be wondering, what is eSIM? eSIM stands for Embedded SIM, which serves as a digital SIM. It’s embedded within the device, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card to access cellular networks. Instead of swapping out SIM cards, eSIM technology allows you to digitally connect to different operators and plans on the same device. Apple first introduced eSIM technology in 2018 with the iPad Pro, and it appears that Apple is now reintroducing the technology in new updates, accessible for everyday consumers.

What makes eSIM technology unique is its flexibility. With eSIM, you can download a QR code to the device and be connected instantly. Say goodbye to swapping SIM cards, purchasing new ones every time you travel, or even waiting in long lines for customer support. The process has become digitized, much like everything else in the 21st century, making connecting to cellular networks more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Now, here’s the kicker – the only carrier in China that currently supports eSIM is China Unicom. Unfortunately, this is a limitation for those who are using different carriers in China. However, as the technology advances and becomes more popular, other carriers are sure to jump on board. It’s also worth noting, Apple has not yet announced whether the new eSIM version of the iPad will be available globally or rolled out to specific markets.

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